Artograph Ring Light 16″

Artograph Ring Light 16″ The new Artograph 16-inch diameter ring light creates a professional setting for live streaming, video recording, and virtual calls with just one product. The max height 7 foot tripod can be adjusted to accommodate sitting or standing, while the smartphone clamp, swivel ball, and Bluetooth remote make the device fully compatible […]

Artograph Prism Projector

Artograph Prism Projector The Artograph Prism projector features a projection range from 80% reduction to twenty times (20x) enlargement, allowing for precise adjustments and large scale projects. The generous 7″ x 7″ glass-covered copy area makes space for large copy, books, or small 3-D objects, and magnetic latches keep what you are working on securely […]

Studio Designs Artograph Featherweight LightPad

Studio Designs Artograph Featherweight LightPad Super thin, super light, and super bright, the ultra-thin Artograph Featherweight LightPad from Studio Designs is the perfect lightweight, portable lightbox. Artograph Featherweight light pads offer a dimmable light that varies from 500 to 7500 lux. Easily adjust the brightness for your eyes as well as the thickness of the […]

Artograph LED LightTracer2 Light Box

Artograph LED LightTracer2  12″ x 18″ The new Artograph LED LightTracer2 now shines with a dazzlingly bright LED. With maintenance-free gradient illumination from 5000 to 14,000 lux across the slanted surface. Perfect for larger, more complex projects, take advantage of the Artograph Light Tracer 2, with a generous 12 x 18 inch (305 x 457 […]

Artograph LightPad PadPucks

Artograph LightPad PadPucks These uniquely designed and easy to use Artograph PadPucks provide an adjustable and comfortable drawing angle to any Artograph LightPad, as well as any tablet, laptop or drawing board. Simply insert the soft, non-marring vinyl Pad Pucks under the LightPad or other surface to the desired angle. Featuring a round serrated design […]

Artograph Flare 450 Projector

Artograph Flare 450 Projector The latest LED technology went into the design of the Flare 450 Projector. This digital projector produces a high-definition picture that’s bright and vivid. The 420 lux display a native 1920 x 1080 image. The LED lights have a 30,000-hour lifespan and run on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for up to 150 […]

Artograph Super Prism Projector

Artograph Super Prism Projector The Artograph Super Prism projector is designed for the artist or designer who needs the best in image clarity and accuracy. Ideal for working from a variety of challenging originals like photographs, halftones, and highly detailed drawings. Features a 3-element, color-corrected lens for extra sharp images and increased brightness. This Super […]

Artograph LightTracer LED Light Box

Artograph LightTracer LED Light Box The Artograph LightTracer LED Light Box features a 10″ x 12″, conveniently slanted, lighted surface. A handy recessed tool tray keeps pencils and other tracing tools at your fingertips. Now illuminated by maintenance-free, cool, bright LEDs with a sleek new design. This light box allows you to easily transfer drawings, […]

Artograph LED LightPad

Artograph LED LightPad Take your projects to the next level with the new Artograph LightPad Series of art and craft light boxes. The super-bright, cool and evenly illuminated surface gives you the perfect platform to get your ideas off the ground. The LightPad series is built to last a lifetime with LED technology that saves […]

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