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Sat. Sept. 29, 2018 10AM – 4PM

At Two Locations:
The Paint Spot   10032 81 Ave
Artelier Studios  10007 80 Ave

Join us for an Old Fashioned Flea Market! That’s right – here’s a chance to sell your perfectly good (but unwanted) stuff and buy someone else’s perfectly good (and highly desirable) stuff.

Pre-registration is necessary. Clean up your studio and you can make some money.

Set up begins at 9AM
Click on the button to register a table or Visit The Paint Spot 10032 81 Avenue.
Yes, you may rent multiple tables if you need.
Yes, you may share a table.

#StudioCleanUp Are you a friend or customer of The Paint Spot? Then you’ve got beautiful art materials and you’ve probably collected more than your share over the years. If you have been meaning to clean your studio to make room for new projects this event is for you. We all have materials we haven’t used in ages, or the inspiration or motivation didn’t stick the way we thought it would.

Bring items that are still in good, usable condition. Consider the following categories:

  • PAINT – oil, acrylic, painting mediums, inks, watercolors etc. Make sure it isn’t dried up.
  • DRAWING MEDIA – pencils, working pens & markers, charcoal, pastels, etc.
  • PAPER – pads, sheets, matboard, illustration board
  • CANVAS – rolls, sheets, stretched, boards
  • FRAMES – if a frame should have glass in it, make sure there is glass in it
  • BOOKS – art related

FREE ATTENDANCE: It’s free but we suggest you bring something to swap or sell and make your own deals.
Remember to bring cash to purchase deals from other artists. Meet and mingle with other artists.

There is more to do!

Want to trade stencils or collage fodder? Here are a couple of cool ideas for you.

Stencils are so useful for all sorts of techniques. But seriously, how many times can you use the same stencil? We have some to share, and these will be on a specially marked table. It is easy to participate. Just bring an old stencil and exchange it for a different one of the same or smaller size. Participants will receive a tip sheet, “59+ Ways to Use a Stencil.”

Have you been hording a collection of items to use in a collage or assemblage but never got around to using them? Here is your chance to swap or donate them.

1 It is still useful and will it inspire someone else.
2 Pack in what you consider to be $5 bundles. Pack loose items in clear bags or banded together with a rubber band.
3 If you bring one item you may take one item. Limit 5 per customer.

9AM-11AM – One staff member will approve, collect, and display items. We’ll give a ticket for each bundle.

11AM – We’ll draw numbers for the order of picking. Everyone is permitted to take as many items as the number he/she brought. If you brought 5 items, you may take 5 items.


  • EMBELLISHMENTS – jewelry bits, feathers, findings, stones, wire, buttons, coins
  • FABRIC – fibers, trimmings, ribbon, yarn, leather
  • CRAFTY ITEMS   – washi tape, glitter glue, molds, stamps
  • FOUND COLLECTIONS – notions, game bits, toys
  • COLLAGE FODDER – paper, magazines, old picture books, leather, and anything else you can think of (but create an interesting way to bundle it).

No time to sell; just want to purge and make sure the good stuff goes to people most likely to use it? We may accept your donations at The Paint Spot and reserve the right to resell at Garage Sale prices with the proceeds going to Artelier Studios.

DROP OFF any time before September 27.
For each item you will be entered into a draw for a $50 Paint Spot Gift Card.

Please don’t bring it if you’re not REALLY willing to part with it. Once you deliver it to us for sale, it no longer belongs to you, even if no one takes it. All leftover materials may be recycled or donated to a non-profit centre teaching kids, teens, and adults in Edmonton. We reserve the right to refuse items that are dirty, damaged, broken, or not related to art materials.

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