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Our Response to COVID-19

UPDATE June 12 – Phase II: In-store browsing begins at The Paint Spot. We work hard to create a store experience full of education and inspiration. Friends and customers tell us they often come to us precisely because they don’t know what they want but they know looking around inspires and motivates them. We felt your frustration. Blocking our shop for browsing was one of many hard decisions we made to meet precautions set by Health Canada. Seeing the disappointment in the eyes of our customers is not something we will soon forget.

Starting Friday June 12 We will allow browsing, inspiration gathering, and shopping-for-yourself at The Paint Spot! Yes, we still offer curbside pick up. This customer convenience will likely stay as a routine for many people. Phone and pay ahead, then we will run it out to your car for you.

UPDATE April 7 – Thank you for your support. We understand how important art-making is for mental health during these stressful and conflicted times. We have been busier than ever. 

Curbside pick up continues – Orders may be placed by phone or online. We will gather the goods and call you back to let you know when to pick up. Then, when you arrive at The Paint Spot, call us and we will bring the materials to the trunk of your car.

One person at a time in the store – Sorry we no longer allow store browsing. Our till area has been surrounded with plexi-glass and we disinfect the  surfaces between customers. Come in the store and stand by the front counter. We will provide excellent advice and suggestions to help you find all the stuff you didn’t know you needed :). We will model the supplies for you, suggest cool new stuff and promote items on sale.

Shipping is very busy – We are shipping across Canada. Due to the volume (and lack of packing materials) we can no longer offering free shipping on stretched canvases. If you place an order for canvas, please be patient and expect a call with a shipping quote.

UPDATE March 18 – We have reduced our hours to accommodate our reduced staff. We have split into two teams. Half of us will stay home for the first two weeks; the other half will work; then we switch. This virus is a bad-luck lottery we hope to avoid. Please order online or by phone. We offer free shipping at $150 and curb-side pick up.

The Paint Spot is committed to providing our customers with quality art products and advice throughout this difficult time.  We know that many of you need to stock up on supplies for the possibility of self-quarantine.  We are monitoring the local situation and keeping our eye on changes as they progress.  Our current decision is to remain open with added sanitizing of high traffic surfaces and encouraging staff who may have come into contact with the virus to remain at home.  (No staff are currently sick)

We are also encouraging customers to take advantage of our “phone in” order system.  Give us a call at 780-432-0240 and place your order with a credit card. We will collect it for you and have it ready for you to pick up at the door.  We also offer an in-store pickup option for online orders and shipping is always an option as well.  Visit to place an order – we are always uploading more of our products to the site.

“Phone calls are proving important. Contact with like-minded people is still important. People rely on us for more than just art supplies. They need our creative problem solving, innovative suggestions and morale encouragement. I think it will be important for small business to stay connected via phone and social media. Plus, I like to know how my customers are doing.” – Kim Fjordbotten

Please do not come in if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.  We ask that you take advantage of our shipping option by either placing an online order, phoning in your order or having a friend pick up your order for you.  We ask that you limit the number of people you bring with you into the store.

Families who are self-isolating may take advantage of our online resources for art projects and our YouTube Channel for helpful tips for artists

March & April Events and Workshops are cancelled. We are keeping workshops posted for May. Honestly is for your viewing pleasure only. You still may register and we will refund if COVID-19 protocols escalate. If the pandemic appears under control in the next few weeks (and if the instructors and students are willing) we plan to go forward with smaller classes and ensure that participants are well-spaced apart. We are awaiting a new shipments of hand sanitizers. Do not worry we still have a case of toilet paper at Artelier.

These uncertain times can be stressful. We encourage you to stay in touch via social media. Artists please share your art and process. It is optimistic, builds a sense of community and we won’t feel so isolated. Be sure to tag us so we can like it too. @thepaintspot or @yegartwalk.

Until March 18, the risk to Albertans of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) had been categorized as LOW by Alberta public health officials. But, in the spirit of community, we need to recognize concerns about the virus, and participate in the prevention of its spread.

Let’s all:

  1. Stay informed with accurate, up to date information.
  2. Join in keeping our store and classroom safe and healthy places for our customers, staff, teachers and students. COVID -19 is very contagious and can linger on some surfaces for several days – think about how you use communal facilities, how you dispose of your garbage. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the washroom, coughing, sneezing, or touching your face.
  3. ‘Social distancing’, advocated by health experts, means avoiding touching, embracing, shaking hands, and is considered a necessary precaution against contagion.
  4. Respond promptly and wisely to cold or flu-like symptoms. Don’t share ill health; stay home and rest; visit the doctor, get tested. Many people are self-quarantining if they have been in the company of someone who has symptoms of the virus.

It is a time for community thinking. We will get through this together!

For accurate and current information, please visit the provincial and federal health links below:

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