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Passion for Pastels


Saturday & Sunday, October 28 & 29     10:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day

Instructor: Joan Larson.

We welcome all skill levels. This two-day class allows an opportunity for in-depth study, practice, & demos so you can really get into this wonderful medium, with the purest pigmentation, and hence more glowing colour, of all! Insightful discussions about the nature of pastels, safety considerations, different materials and brands accompany extensive course handouts provided by the instructor. Demos each day will cover a broad range of subject matter and spot demos will also occur as per students’ requests for specific subject matter.

Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies.Soft pastels: (bring as many as you have). Preferred professional brands are: Schmincke, Sennelier, Holbein, Unison.  A good student brand is Mungyo (set of 48).

Pastel Paper: Choose a middle-value neutral colour in either sanded or non-sanded paper.

Canson Mi-Teintes is an excellent non-sanded paper. Pastel Premier is an excellent sanded paper.

Charcoal pencil & kneaded eraser

Optional: Tracing tissue. Tracing tissue is helpful for doing your preliminary drawings on as well as protecting your pastel painting from smudging during transportation. Joan says, ‘I buy it by the roll (usually an 18” roll) but it is also available in smaller pads.’

Practical note: Foamcore is lightweight, ridge, inexpensive and also has a nice smooth cushioned surface for working on, making it an excellent drawing board. Use it as a folder for carrying your work, too: 2 pieces of foamcore taped together make a folder, whicc can double as your drawing board.

Optional: You may wish to bring suitable art clothes, notepad, snack, & drink.

*Bring your own reference photos.*

You may also bring paintings you are working on if you wish assistance or a critique.

About the Instructor: Joan is a working artist who has been teaching for approximately 18 years and has an extensive background in drawing and painting (oils & acrylic) in addition to her pastel work. Landscapes and horses are her favourite subject matter, but she also does portrait work and she has conducted portraiture classes. Joan is a Senior Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (SFCA) and has a Master Pastelist designation with the Pastels Artists Canada (MPAC). Her website is