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Holbein Acrylic Gels 300 ml Poly-bag

Holbein Acrylic Gels 300 ml Poly-bag Click image to zoom

To order gel mediums, click on the order box above and select your gel from the pull-down menu. 

Gels are added to paint to enhance texture and increase volume to make colours go further.  Gels can increase or decrease viscosity to modify the working properties from smooth honey-like consistency to impasto-textured paste. Artists can control the sheen from matte to gloss while increasing transparency and depth of colour.  Holbein Acrylic Gel Mediums are professional quality, non-yellow, and non-cracking. Like all Holbein art materials, these mediums are formulated to meet some of the most stringent quality standards in the industry.

A unique feature of these gels is how they are packaged. The freestanding poly-bags are tough, durable, and help save money. It is easy to squeeze out just the right amount gel. Then continue to squeeze it out to the last drop. The container can be flattened as gel is dispensed. Air is pushed out of the packaging to prevent product drying before you can use it. This means less waste. Plus the package shrinks as you use it making it easy for an acrylic painter to tote materials around. No more bulky jars.

Crystal Gel Medium is a self-leveling gel increases flow and imparts a high gloss finish to acrylic paints. 

Gel Medium is the same consistency as regular acrylic paint without pigment. It is transparent and used to extend acrylic colors. 100% acrylic gel, it dries to a durable, flexible, waterproof finish.

Gel Medium Hard is as the name suggests, this gel creates a tough surface. When dry, the resulting surface film is hard enough to draw on. Like all gels, it may be applied directly to your painting surface or mixed with acrylics.

Heavy Body Gel Medium  is used  to thicken acrylic paints to hold high peaks and sharp brushstrokes. It is very high gloss gel and will add shine to colour.  The more you had the more transparent the colour becomes.

High Solid Gel Medium is similar to Heavy Body gel but event stiffer. Mix this gel with acrylic paint and it will hold brushstrokes, knife marks, peaks, and valleys in your paint surface.

Matte Gel Medium  is used when you'd like to reduce the shininess or glare of your acrylic colors, add Matte Gel Medium in small increments until you achieve the level of sheen you desire.

Soft Body Gel Medium is excellent for pouring, puddling, stirring, marbling and spattering techniques. It imparts a soft, warm syrup-like consistency to acrylic paints and improves their flow. Brushstrokes will level-out.



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