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Amsterdam Acrylic Binder 1L


BINDER Acrylic binder is a product with more than one function. You can use it as a glue for collage techniques as well as a primer for greatly absorbent grounds, such as walls and carton. Using a primer avoids the paint being ‘absorbed’. As an artist you can of course also mix your own colors. That, too, is something you can do with acrylic binder. Mix a little pigment with the binder and you can create your own color. In this way you not only determine what goes on the canvas, you also develop the means with which you work.

Acrylic binder Purpose: For making acrylic colors, durable gluing of various materials during collage techniques and reducing the absorption of absorbent grounds (primer). Composition: Resin dispersion.

• Dries quickly and produces an elastic, water resistant, colourless and transparent film
• Alkali-resistant, suitable for walls
• Adheres on all grease-free and dust-free, somewhat absorbent grounds
• Can be painted over with acrylic colors and gesso
• Clean utensils with water
• Apply at temperatures above 10° C
• Do not freeze

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