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Schmincke AquaLino Mediums

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The extensive variations of lino and material printing provide artists and creative people with many design possibilities. These mediums are designed to be used with Schmincke AquaLino Colours 35 ml and Schmincke AquaLino Colours 250 ml.

50 900 LINO pearl – Medium for pearlescent effects (35 ml):
To be used for mixtures with linoprint colours (lightening effect)
or pure for overprinting. The intensity of the pearl and/or lightening effect depend on the used quantity, opacity and brightness of the respective linoprint colour (more transparent and darker colours increase the effect). Water-based, remains watersoluble after drying.
Contains: gum Arabic, effect pigment.

50 901 LINO gloss – Medium to increasegloss (35 ml):
Medium rich in binder for mixtures with linoprint colours (for more transparency) or to be used pure for overprinting (strong gloss effect). The gloss effect and/or transparency depend on the quantity of medium used. Water-based, remains water-soluble after drying.
Contains: gum Arabic.

50 902 LINO extender – Medium to increasetransparency (35 ml):
Medium rich in binder for mixtures with linoprint colours. Increases transparency in mixtures with linoprint colours. No influence on gloss. Waterbased, remains water-soluble after drying. Mixing ratio medium: colour according to individual preferences. Effects depend on the amount of added medium.
Contains: gum Arabic.

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