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Summer Special: Painting the Nature of Water


Monday, August 12 - Friday, August 16    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM each day

Instructor: Julie Drew

Your choice of medium: watercolour, acrylic, oil, pastel

How to capture water in your painting, when it is always changing? Water is translucent, reflective, ever-moving, calm, turbulent, flowing. And water can be a puddle, an ocean, and any size in between. What wonderful challenges to the artist in any medium! Why not take a few days to study how to paint water? This is a great class for painters who like to do scenic paintings from photos or to paint outdoors and who need to practice ‘getting water right’.

Day 1: create mini ponds for study, sketch what you see, and consider water’s nature

Day 2: video study: flowing waters – brooks, streams, rivers; sketching observations, creating one small painting

Day 3: video study: bodies of water, part 1 – lakes, seas, oceans; sketching observations, creating one small painting

Day 4: video study: bodies of water, part 2 – lakes, seas, oceans; further observations, creating one small painting

Day 5: video study: waterfalls – sketching observations, creating one small painting

Expect plenty of guidance from your instructor and a lot of skill training in this series!

About the Instructor:  Julie Drew was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Despite her city upbringing, she was always attracted to the beauty of nature — mountains, oceans, animals, and flowers. Early on, art became a way for her to capture and participate in that beauty. She gained a BFA in Painting and Drawing from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington, in 1987. In 1997, Julie moved with her family to Edmonton. Julie teaches handmade papermaking, watercolour, acrylic, and coloured pencil/ drawing classes for adults, youth, and children. For Julie, art is an exploration into God's creation, an adventure into the depths and nuances of colour, light, shadow, and shape. It is her passion. She continues to pursue new ideas and loves to combine art and worship. Julie’s website:

Supplies: Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies:

  • Sketchbook approximately 5x7” + 2H + 8B pencil + blending stomp
  • Bring art clothes, hand-/tea-towel, lunch/snack + drink

Watercolour painters, bring your paints, masking fluid + brushes, small watercolour pad/block or large sheet quartered

Acrylic + oil painters, bring your paints, brushes, mediums, + 4 small canvases, canvasboards, or a canvas pad

Pastelists, bring your pastels + pad of pastel paper or 4 small sheets of sanded pastel paper

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