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What Is Cyanotype?


Saturday, October 12    10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Instructor: Ziwei Huang

This one-day cyanotype class is perfect for anyone who wants to get a hands-on experience of cyanotype, a photographic printing process discovered in the 19th century. Using cyanotype printing you can turn everyday objects into fascinating, mysterious compositions. Its familiar colour, cyan blue, can also be transformed as if by magic. In this class, you will learn about varieties of cyanotype image making and fully explore the potential of this authentic and unique artistic medium.

During this class, you will learn how to:

  • Prepare and coat your paper
  • Develop you own photographs using cyanotype
  • Produce unique photograms by using cyanotype
  • Not a fan of blue? Change your colour by toning your prints with coffee or tea!

You will also learn about the history and influence of cyanotype and other similar printing techniques.

About the Instructor:  Ziwei is an Edmonton-based photographer and visual artist. Born and raised in China, Ziwei has travelled extensively and been exposed to and influenced by a variety of cultures and art. He has a keen eye for discovering the beauty of street life. In his artistic practice, Moreover, he often surrenders himself to chance, allowing accidents playing a role in both his life and artistic practices. Ziwei is a student in The Department of Art & Design at the University of Alberta.

Supplies: Participants receive a 20% discount on these supplies:

  • Jacquard 2-part Cyanotype Kit
  • 1” HJ385 brush (white handle)
  • Sheet of glass approximately 8x11”
  • Suitable art clothes, had-/tea-towel, notebook, lunch/snack & drink
  • *Please send one or two image that you would like to develop to before Thursday, October 10.

Instructor brings: plastic trays, instant coffee, soda, sheets of watercolour paper for printing


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