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Premium Primed Artist Canvas 13 oz, 64″ Wide

Premium Primed Artist Canvas 13 oz, 64″ Wide Click image to zoom

Acid-free, acrylic-primed cotton duck is suitable for oil and acrylic painting. Primed canvas is ready-to-use; paint on the white side. It will save you money on paint. Acrylic painters may paint on unprimed canvas for stain-like, watercolour effects but be aware that much of your pricey colours will be absorbed into the canvas.  A primer will seal the canvas and your colour will stay on the surface looking bright and beautiful.

Our canvas is double-primed with artist gesso which is superior to latex primer for three reasons.

  1. It is more flexible. Gesso resists cracking and is better suited for priming canvas to be stretched across wood stretcher bars.  Latex primer is meant to go on rigid wood like walls, doors and furniture. It does not need to flex or roll.
  2. Gesso is whiter and provides a cleaner, brighter background for colour to glow upon. Artists who paint in layers of translucent glazes can appreciate the effect of a bright white canvas glowing under their colours.
  3. Artist Gesso provides a better tooth to grip paint from your brush.

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