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Brush Lettering Box | Series 4040


Brush Lettering Box | Series 4040

Content: Two brushes , da Vinci CASANEO series 5598, round, sizes 1 and 6 ; Two Hahnemühle handlettering pads A5; Schmicnke AERO COLOR 28 ml, one flask each in black and TOTAL COVER ruby red Decorative card with tips and tricks

Together with our partners Schmincke and Hahnemühle, da Vinci is presenting a gift box for Brush Lettering, designed by Hannah Rabenstein, the renowned artist. The set has been chosen very carefully and is combining in an ideal way the quality products of all three companies. A decorative card with valuable and helpful advice for starting this creative hobby is enclosed.

About the Casaneo Series 498 Wash brush
It is made from extra soft synthetic fibres with an extraordinary elasticity and an extremely high colour absorbing capacity
The hairs are bound on black lacquered handles with plastic quills to create an elegant brush of high performance.

498 Casaneo

About Schmincke AERO COLOR

AERO COLOR® Professional are highly lightfast and brilliant liquid acrylic colours by Schmincke, which are ideal for use with retouching pens, dip-pens and brushes for different mixing techniques, such as watercolour technique, mixed media with other Schmincke acrylic colours and mediums, etc.

AERO COLOR® Professional are characterised by their ideal application qualities: They have a pleasant odour, are easy to work, durable and can be applied to almost all grease-free surfaces. All colours are ready to use and can be used undiluted due to the finest pigmentation. If required, they can also be diluted with AERO MEDIUM (50602) or with distilled water (up to 20%). Many of the colours are single-pigment tones that guarantee brilliant mixing results and an unlimited variety of shades. All colours have the highest lightfastness (4 or 5 stars only) for particular stability.

About Hahnemühle 

Artists set the highest standards for the property and pureness of papers and boards – the basis of their work. Hahnemühle has been fulfilling these requirements with its products for over 420 years. Through its enormous sensitivity for artistic demands and creative needs, over the centuries Hahnemühle has developed a comprehensive range of papers for professional artists and hobby painters and successfully markets it worldwide. For generations Hahnemühle paper has retained its uniqueness!

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