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Herbin Glass Pens

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J. Herbin manufactures glass pens for writing, drawing and decorating. J. Herbin pens can be found in the toolbox of many calligraphers, artists, penmen and illustrators. Hand blown glass pens in the tradition of 16th century Venice. Each pen is an individual work of art. The fine glass tips are twisted in a light spiral to hold the maximum amount of ink - enough to write a full page of text without re-dipping.

H 211 Smooth Frosted Glass Pens

5 ½" long Glass Pen. Available in black /09, amber /41 and violet /77



H 212 Spiral Glass Pens

7 7/8". Available in light blue /12, royal blue /18, red /20, green /30, and violet /77.



H 213 Marbleized Glass Pens

7 7/8". Available in blue-green /12, green-flame/30, and red-orange /41.


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