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5080 Gold Mottlers – Giant Sale on Giant Brushes


Golden-coloured, extra-strong, synthetic fibre for application of varnishes and glazes. Mounted in rustproof steel ferrules. Mottlers are large flat brushes with short handles and are available in natural hair or synthetic fibers. These brushes hold a significant amount of paint and can cover large surface areas in expressive strokes. Often used for faux finishing techniques, murals, washes, varnishing or priming.

  • very smooth synthetic fibre mixture
  • rust-proof steel ferrule
  • for all liquid colours, especially for water-colour and silk painting; great absorbing capacity, even colour application

We are extremely fortunate to acquired a limited assortment of giant-sized Mottlers. Set designers and backdrop painters will love this brushes. These are on sale at 50%. While supplies last.

60 = 60 mm
80 = 80 mm
100 = 100 mm
120 = 120mm
150 = 150 mm
200 = 200 mm
400 = 400 mm
500 = 500 mm


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