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Microcrystalline Wax 12 oz


Pure white microcrystalline wax is used as a plasticizer.  It is more flexible than paraffin and melts at 170 to 180 degrees F.  It is ideal for building up layers of texture on your encaustic paintings  and ensures the integrity of your paint film.  Microcrystalline wax melts at a higher temperature than beeswax (143 to 150F degrees) and our paints (working temperatures 175F degrees), which allows you to apply encaustic paint over the modeled surface with minimal disturbance to the bottom sculpted surface. Microcrystalline wax will yellow over time from exposure to UV so it is very important to paint over and encapsulate the impasto wax layer.

Facts on Microcrystalline Wax:  Enkaustikos utilizes a high quality microcrystalline wax that is essentially, a complicated carbon based wax characterized by branched, cyclic chains. This allows it to blend better with beeswax and oil colors than paraffin waxes which are only simple, straight carbon based chains.

Extra Precaution: Microcrystalline wax is a petroleum-based wax, which will give off vapors in the molten stage. Extra consideration should be taken to provide proper ventilation.


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