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Sakura Sumogrip Erasers

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Sakura‚Äôs SumoGrip Eraser series features new micro porous foam technology to remove graphite marks from paper surfaces for artists, students and architects. SumoGrip Erasers are composed of micro porous cells that are constructed like a net that picks up graphite marks and erases better across the surface. Reticulated open-cell foam works like ultra-fine sandpaper to get into the small grooves and pits of the paper surface. Combining our existing Sakura Foam W™ Eraser with a firmer hybrid-matrix formula, the SumoGrip Eraser requires minimal pressure to remove graphite lead from B to 2H degrees. The new foam technology of SumoGrip erasers vastly improves the pick-up of micro-graphite particles from paper substrates that white PVC erasers leave behind.


Available in a block or a unique retractable, refillable stick holder.

  • Incorporates open-cell foam technology that grabs and traps erased graphite
  • Polymetric hard structure, yet soft to the touch
  • Smudge-free performance
  • Nice black color eraser never looks dirty from graphite
  • Erasures form into strands for easy disposal
  • Does not contain harmful phthalates

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