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Da Vinci Spin Aquarelle Set Series 4252


This is a selection of proven brushes from the popular CosmoTop Spin series. Da Vinci Brush Cosmotop Spin synthetic brushes are uniquely made. They hold more water than many other synthetics due to the care in blending and placement of five different diameters of fine synthetic filaments. This innovation makes this brush hold water similar to natural hair.

Every brush is made by hand. The brushes are suitable for Watercolour, Gouache, Fluid Acrylics and Ink. The long-lasting, high-quality synthetic fiber has an energetic spring.  The brush re-points well after each stroke which is excellent for quick graceful brush strokes and gestures.

This perfect gift set comes in an elegant and practical carton with magnetic lock. It is a great value at $69.95.  These brushes, purchased individually,  would cost nearly $117.00.

Set SPIN Order No. 4252DV



Series 488 size 2 in A french-style quill resembles a size 10 round watercolour. The quill shapes provides a quick spring and more flexibility.

It is a value of $116 sold separately. Now on sale $48.95


da Vinci Series 488 SPIN-SYNTHETICS „French” water colour brush, very smooth

Series 5584 size 12,

da Vinci Series 5584 COSMOTOP-SPIN water colour brush oval-shaped

Series 5587 size 10

da Vinci Series 5587 COSMOTOP-SPIN, slanted edge

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