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Fome Baby Press Kit


The smallest press for scholastic etching. This beginner kit has all the necessities to make your first print including metal plates and etching tools.

The kit includes a serigraph wooden box with inside:

1x 3620 etching press
1x felt
2x clamps to lock the press
1x roller for colour
1x big point with scraper
1x burnisher with scraper
2x thin points with wooden handle
1x colour tube black
5x aluminium plates mm. 90x120
5x aluminium plates mm. 130x180
5x tarlatan sheets
1x instruction book

3620 Press Technical Data

Size: 25 x 23,5 x 17 H cm
Weight: 6 kg
Width of roller: 18 cm
Diam. lower roller: 3,5 cm
Diam. upper roller: 3,5 cm
Metal plate: 18,6 x 32 x 0,3 cm
Single Packing:  34 x 22 x 20 cm