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Schmincke Watercolour Set


It doesn’t get better than this! A silver-coloured, metal, gift-box filled with two of our favourite brands da Vinci and Schmincke. The set includes 12 watercolour half-pans in the colours listed below. The refills are available The Paint Spot at Schmincke Horadam Watercolours. 

  • A DA VINCI COSMOTOP-SPIN watercolour brush series 5580 size 18 round
  • A compact set of SCHMINCKE AKADEMIE WATERCOLOURS in a black metal box with lid-palette and a thumb-ring.
  • A foam rubber support protects and hold the items securely within.

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“I have a soft spot for these products”, says artist Kim Fjordbotten, “After university, I went through a little art dry spell. A fellow artist borrowed me her Schmincke watercolour set. I painted with it all weekend. Then bought my own set. I still use it 22 years later.”