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Very Big Sketchbook


600 chances to perfect your artwork; to develop, grow and experiment.

Use this voluminous book as a journal of your daily encounters. Display it in your home or studio like an oversized coffee-table book where it’s bound to become a conversation piece. Invite guests to leave a sketch when they come to visit. As the pages slowly fill up, it becomes a record of good times shared with friends and family and of how your art evolves over time. This giant, blank book invites you to create the collection of a lifetime. Half-price!

11  x 12 ½ ” $70 Value SALE $35.00

Wow! Less than 6 cents a page

An over-sized blank sketch book awaiting your artwork! It contains 300 sheets (600 pages!) of 75 lb. (110 gsm) acid-free, bright white paper sourced from sustainably managed forests. Each sheet measures 12.5"h x 10.75"w. Leave it on your coffee table and watch as the blank pages slowly fill up with treasured artwork from you, your family or friends. It makes a great gift and is a perfect way to remember and record good times shared with family and friends, or how your own art evolves over time.

Very Large Sketchbook Art Advantage