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da Vinci Watercolour Brush Deluxe Box 5240


DV5240 set is a beautiful wooden box is filled with 5 exceptional quality watercolour brushes, a piece of brush soap, a paint cloth and a special brush rest. All brushes are equipped with a hexagonal handle which prevents them from rolling and provides a comfort-grip for the artist. This set includes: series 35 Kolinsky sable size 2 and 12; series 5530 Cosmotop-Mix B size 18; series Cosmotop Mix F size 8; and series 991 Squirrel hair bursh, flat, size 18.

daVinci wooden brush boxes offer safe handling of your valuable painting tools. A foam rubber support holds the brushes when the box is closed keeping the brush hairs protected. Perfect drying of the wet hair is guaranteed by the airholes in the cover.