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Finetec Metallic Watercolour Sets

Finetec Metallic Watercolour Sets Click image to zoom

**NEW**  Finetec has updated it's popular pearlescent watercolor sets!  Be sure to check out the new colours in Finetec's sets below. 

Finetec Pearlescent Mica Colours are handmade, high quality gouache colors. They can be dissolved with water and applied with a brush. Finetec Pearl Colours are perfect for creating special effects and highlights, they are also ideally suited for calligraphy.
Handmade of extra fine mica pigments, these natural minerals are light-fast and non-fading.

The colours can be dissolved with water and mixed with each other to achieve different shades and they can be applied on all absorbent materials like paper, wood and other surfaces. Finetec Pearl Colours are exclusively made in Germany and comply with CE standard.



**NEW** [F0600] (replaces M0600)Finetec Set F0600

6 Pearlescent Metallic Colours Ø 25 mm in a metal tin.
Contains the following colours:
• Copper
• Bronze
• Olympic Gold
• Arabic Gold
• Champagne Silver
• Silver

**NEW** [F1200] (replaces M1200)Finetec Set F1200
12 Pearlescent Colours Ø 25 mm in a metal tin.
Contains the following colours:
• Amethyst
• Sapphire Blue
• Carribean Green
• Blue Silver
• Deep Black
• Mystic Color
• Pearl Silver
• Pearl Gold
• Crystal Gold
• Orange Copper
• Red
• Purple

**NEW** [F5600] (Replaces MO600) 

6 Iridescent Colours Ø 25 mm in a metal tin.

Contains the following colour tones:
• Gold
• Golden Copper
• Light Purple
• Amethyst
• Sapphire Blue
• Jade Green


**NEW** [F0601] 

6 Pearlescent Metallic Colours Ø 33 mm in a metal tin.
Contains the following colours:
• Olympic Gold
• Royal Gold
• Arabic Gold
• Pearl Gold
• Champagne Silver
• Silver


24 Pearlescent  Colours   in a metal & plastic tin. 

This set features all the basic colors of Finetec metallics, and is a great investment. Set includes: Crystal Gold, Arabic Gold, Pearl Gold, Olympic Gold, Royal Gold, Bronze, Dark Bronze, Golden Rose, Orange Copper, Tangelo, Ruby, Red, Purple, Fuchsia, Amethyst, High Chroma Blue, Caribbean Green, Mint, Silver, Platinum, Blue Silver, Deep Black, Patina*, Twilight*.

*Finetec Flip/Flop color.

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