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Speedball Pen Cleaner


Pen Cleaner is also good for all sorts for dip-pens, fountain pens and even technical pens. Dried ink, especially waterproof India ink, can be difficult to remove and little dried bits of ink stuck between the tines or in the reservoir can impeded ink flow.

If possible, disassemble the pen (remove the reservoir from the nib) and clean each piece separately using pen cleaner and an old, soft toothbrush.  A toothbrush is also very handy for cleaning pen nibs that have a built-in reservoir or a reservoir difficult to remove. Some pen tips may need to soaked in the solution over-night

Be cautious about using pen cleaning solutions on holders that are made of wood and have cork finger grip. These may get damaged.

Make sure that the pen nibs, reservoirs and pen holders are dry before storing. Pen nibs, reservoirs and pen holders with metal grips will rust.  Wipe them down with a soft cotton rag or an absorbent paper towel to make sure all the moisture is removed before putting them back in the box.

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