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Chromacryl Student Acrylics 2 Litre (64 oz)

Chromacryl Student Acrylics 2 Litre (64 oz) Click image to zoom

Chromacryl acrylic paint offers limitless possibilities and applications... around the home, in the office, at school, in fact anywhere that you need fast drying, bright durable acrylic paint in a convenient tube with no-fuss clean up. FEATURE RICH, JUST FOR YOU

The advantages of Chromacryl are:

  • Fast drying, waterbased acrylic paint.
  • Dries to a brilliant, silky finish that is water resistant when dry.
  • Versatile paint offering the consistency and technical range found with more expensive artists’ colour.
  • Uses a colour mixing system that has been carefully designed to provide an enormous range of colour possibilities.
  • Colour does not flake or become chalky or dusty.
  • Non-toxic. •
  • Thick consistency that makes it ideal for use with a spatula or palette knife. Mix with water to achieve watercolour effects.
  • Will paint on almost any surface: paper, fabric, wood, leather, plastic, perspex, glass, acetate, metal etc. When applied to paper, it increases papers strength.

USAGE AND BRUSHABILITY Use Chromacryl with brushes, rollers, sponges and spatulas. Chromacryl can be used direct from the tube, thinned with water or mixed with the other Chromacryl colours. Wet brushes allow a better control when painting with acrylic paint. Drying time of Chromacryl will vary depending on temperature and humidity levels.

CLEANING UP Always wash and rinse brushes thoroughly in cold, soapy water. Always squeeze water out of the brushes and push the hairs back into their original shape. Stand brushes up to avoid damaging bristles. To clean dried Chromacryl from brushes, soak for 20 minutes in detergent and cold water.

PAINT SPILLS Wash paint spills out of clothing immediately. The pigment levels in Chromacryl are high for product quality and stains may occur. Hand wash thoroughly with cold, soapy water and leave for 20 minutes to soak. Scrub with a small nailbrush if necessary. Do not use hot water, as it may fix the stain permanently. A good idea is to always wear protective clothing such as a smock or apron when painting. Chromacryl will wash out of hair and off skin without problems or scrubbing. Wash with soap or shampoo. Please note: Like all other painting media, Chromacryl will not tolerate the addition of unsterilized water during storage. Bacteria in unsterilized water will stimulate the growth of moulds and possibly produce obnoxious odours.


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