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Pebeo Bio-based Crystal Casting Resin

Pebeo Bio-based  Crystal Casting Resin Click image to zoom

Transparent, glossy and solid, Crystal resin is ideal for casting in moulds or on rimmed supports (jewellery, frames), inclusions and even as a protective varnish. You can add dried plants to the casts. Once cured, the resin will not withstand prolonged contact at temperatures above 50°C or below 0°C.

  • Two component epoxy resin system: 50%** bio-based resin and hardener (**bio-based carbon represents on average 50% of the total carbon present in the resin)
  • Transparent, glossy and solid
  •  Mixing: 1 part Crystal B hardener to 2 parts Chrystal A resin
  • Casting thickness: up to 2 cm thick, it is not recommended for casting large pieces
  • Setting time: Dry: 12h / Fully set: 24h
  • Cleaning tools before beginning: With a dry cloth (brushes, spalters and spatulas) and 70% alcohol (commercially available) or alcohol gel.
  • Storage: In their original packaging, fully sealed, and stored at between 15° C and 25° C. Keep away from freezing temperatures. 6 months in the sealed bottle after opening.

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