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Pebeo Cerne Relief 20 ml

Pebeo Cerne Relief 20 ml Click image to zoom

Pebeo Cerne Relief is a dimensional paint for creating outlines or embellishments, writing and adding designs to create relief (raised) effects on art pieces. The little tubes are soft and colours can be easily squeezed from the fine-tipped nozzle. The tip is tapered and can be cut to the desired line width. If you can pipe icing, you can outline with Cerne Relief.

Place a pattern underneath or behind the glass. Degrease the surface with alcohol.  For stained glass effects, draw the outlines of the pattern directly from the nozzle of the tube.  Be sure to "close off " the shapes to prevent the colour from seeping out.  Allow to dry, for 1 hour, then paint inside the outlines of the design with stained glass colours.


IMG_2853 IMG_2875




Can be used on Glass, metal, china, wood and canvas...

Drying time: 2 hours to the touch, 48 hours to dry completely then colours resist to a light hand wash without soaking.


Clean brushes with odorless mineral spirit.

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