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Platinum Plaisir Fountain Pens

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PLAISIR Fountain Pen (PGB-1000) Features Bright Silky Scratch Resistant Metal Body
Platinum Pen Co., Ltd. released a new PLAISIR Fountain Pen model this summer. A new, refurbished cap, which prevents ink from drying, enables smooth writing even after no use for a whole year. Everyone has experienced the inconvenience being unable to use a ballpoint pen after a long period of no usage.
This is especially problematic for fountain pens, for which daily usage is usually recommended. The new PLAISIR model solves this problem by using a newly designed structure inside the cap, which a year experiments has shown prevents ink from drying. Moreover, this cap reduces ink loss by evaporation. We recommend the new PLAISIR Fountain Pen to those people hesitant to use existing fountain pens because of their ink -drying problems. The PLAISER Fountain Pen is suitable for everyday usage as well as occasional usage. The outside body is made of aluminum and has a superior shiny finish due to its special anodized coating.

Platinum PLAISIR Fountain Pen
Body: Aluminum with anodized coating
7 colors (black, pink, violet, green, blue, yellow, red)
Size: 142.5 mm ( full length), 15 mm (maximum diameter)
Weight: 15.4 g
Pen point:  0.5 (medium)

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