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Qor Watercolour Set of 24 Tubes


Why not try a this unique watercolour set? QoR retains the best qualities of traditional watercolors while expanding the range and versatility of each color. QoR's exclusive binder provides more pigment in every brushstroke, offering a strength, range and versatility unmatched in the history of watercolors.The unique QoR formulation accentuates the luminosity and brilliance of pigments even after drying. It provides the subtlety, transparency and flow of a great watercolor, with colors that have as much vibrancy and fire as the best acrylic or oil paint.

QoR [pronounced 'core'] has been formulated to embody the essence of watercolors while offering these unique qualities:

  • Vibrant, intense colors that stay brilliant even after they dry
  • Exceptionally smooth transitions, flow and liveliness on paper
  • Excellent resolubility in water and glazing qualities
  • Vivid depth of color with each brushstroke
  • Greater resistance to cracking and flaking
  • More density of color than traditional watercolors
  • Exclusive Aquazol® binder used in conservation.

24 Colours in 5 ml Tubes:
Cadmium Yellow Primrose,
Nickel Azo Yellow,
Quinacridone Gold,
Diarylide Yellow,
Transparent Pyrrole Orange,
Cadmium Red Medium,
Permanent Scarlet,
Permanent Alizarin Crimson,
Quinacridone Magenta,
Dioxazine Purple,
Ultramarine Blue,
Cerulean Blue Chromium,
Phthalo Blue (GS),
Cobalt Teal, Viridian Green,
Sap Green, Green Gold,
Raw Sienna (Natural),
Burnt Sienna (Natural),
Raw Umber (Natural),
Van Dyke Brown,
Paynes Gray,
Neutral Tint,
Titanium White.

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