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Thibra Thermalplastic Sheets

Thibra Thermalplastic Sheets Click image to zoom

Thibra is a spectacular material that can be shaped over and over again when heated with a hot air gun. It’s a must-have for every hobbyist and professional making their own objects or sculptures.

Thibra is thermal plastic that, when warmed with hot water or heat gun, may be easily manipulated into sculptural forms. Once it is warm and soft, it may be molded, folded, formed, and modelled.

Thibra makes it possible to create extreme shapes required for sphere shaped, double-curved objects and to make adjustments or changes on 3D prints after printing. It is smooth and eliminates the endless sessions of sanding and applying layers.

Thibra to be a sculpting material which can be painted fast and easy. Just degrease, spray-prime and spray paint your project.

It is ideal for industrial designers, prototyping, artists, architects, prop makers or anyone who wants to make complete, clean and extremely smooth creations.


*Full Sheet - 43.5 x 53.5"
*Half Sheet - 26.8 x 43.3"
*Quarter Sheet - 21.6 x 26.8"
1/8 - 13.4 x 21.6"
1/16 - 10.9 x 13.4"

*We really want to order these. So give us a call and let us know you want them too!

Download Printable Instructions.

Imagine the time you will save..

No more waste of your material and no more residues, as all your scraps can be used again. The activation temperature of our products are on a convenient level. The materials will stay pliable for a while which gives you enough time to form and sculpt your object. Last but not least, there is less risk on ruptures during the process of making your objects. Under the mot- to: ‘Express your Creativity’ we would like to acquaint you with our materials.

Advantages of Thibra

  • Easy to heat and shape, doesn’t tear easily and is strong.
  • Perfect for making double-curved and extreme shapes.
  • After degreasing it can easily be spray painted, printed and stamped.
  • Unique: Thibra can be corrected and repaired by reheating, even when the object has cured already.
  • Extremely smooth due to special composition, this prevents lengthy filling and sanding
  • When heated, it combines well with other materials such as felt, textile, foam shapes. When cooled, contact adhesive can be used.
  • It is an excellent alternative for expensive methods such as vacuum forming.
  • Relatively small amounts needed for an object, leftovers can be recycled by reheating over and over.
  • Thibra can be processed in several layers and can afterwards be filled and sanded.
  • Thibra is an innovative plastic of outstanding quality. It is affordable and offering a whole new range of possibilities in modelling and shaping.
  • Thibra doesn´t necessarily need sanding. ´However, it can be done in order to eliminate small irregularities'.


Costumes, masks, harnesses, props and parts of decor

Jewellery, decorations, lampshades, bowls etc.

Creating and repairing scale model items

Prototype building, sculptures

Hobby & Decoration

Thibra is the new malleable material for hobby and decoration. Heat Thibra to copy the shape of any existing product in your home (greased to release well) or make silicone moulds for making e.g. jewellery, lamps, bowls, wall decoration, necklaces, pendants and rosettes. After degreasing it can easily be painted or stamped. When heated, Thibra can be combined with all sorts of materials such as felt, textile, ribbons, leather, plaster, wood, paper and foam shapes. Thibra may also be used separately for making sculptures and objects. This way you can create the best presents for yourself or someone else.


Cosplay & Theatre

Thibra is a popular thermoplastic material and very suitable for making costumes, masks, harnesses, parts of decor and many other things. Thibra and its possibilities for shaping your fantasy are highly commended in the cosplay community. This innovative sheet material is exceptionally smooth and perfect for making double-curved and extreme shapes. Your object can always be adjusted and corrected by reheating it. Ideal to make it all fit well. Thibra can easily be spray-painted after degreasing and combines well with other materials such as foam. So get to work and create your fantasy!


Professional Art & Design

Thibra is an innovative material with exceptional possibilities. This affordable and high-quality sheet material is perfect for making double-curved and extreme shapes. When heated, it can be pulled over moulds and shapes; a cheap and fast alternative for vacuum forming for prototyping. Your object can still be corrected after curing if you reheat it or by filling and sanding it. This makes it ideal for artists who shape their object or sculpture as they work. Thibra can immediately be (spray-) painted after degreasing. The exceptionally smooth surface makes priming not absolutely necessary. Use Thibra separately or combined with other materials.



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