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Xiem Canvas Art Bag


The Xiem Art Bag is designed for potters, artists and students who need an easy-access, efficient and breathable solution to ceramic tool storage. Built around a robust metal frame, the thick canvas bag features 2 large compartments, 16 holsters, and 17 pockets of various sizes- ideal for brushes, trimming tools and any other secret weapons you stash in your bag of ceramic tricks. 2 burly straps on each side keep larger tools from falling out, plus the canvas-reinforced plastic bottom won't let anything sharp poke through. Add a tough wooden handle and a load limit of 25 lbs, and Xiem guarantees you will love it.


17 Different Pockets
16 Tool Holsters
2 Large Compartments
2 Burly Secure Straps
Robust Steel Wire Frame
Reinforced Bottom
Thick Canvas Material
Wooden Handle
25 lbs Maximum Capacity
Size: 16x9x12

Note: Tools shown in pictures not included. They are available at our shop!