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Guerrilla Backpacker Watercolour Palette


6x8 Guerrilla Backpacker™ Watercolor Palette
The 6x8 Watercolor Palette features 14 slanted color wells in two sizes and one mixing area in the palette, plus one inside the lid. Special spill-resistant design is also easy to clean. Extra durable, double thick, high-impact white polystyrene with tight fitting lid.
6" x8" x0.75". Weighs 5oz.

Guerrilla Painter® makes the highest quality plastic palettes available anywhere - by a mile! Formed on precision molds from heavy 0.90" High-Impact Polystyrene with a special gloss coating, these palettes will stand up to the most demanding field conditions - even oil paints*.

  • SAVE PAINT - The tight fitting lids allow oils to last for days and days. When you get home, just pop your Covered Palette Tray in the freezer to keep your oil paints fresh longer.
  • SAVE MONEY - These super-quality palettes will pay for themselves in short order just in the paint you save.
  • GET NEAT - By containing your palette mess in a Covered Palette Tray, just think of how neat and organized you'll feel!

*NOTE: ALL plastics & ALL people are affected by solvents. The stronger the solvent, the more adverse the effect. So, extend the life of your Guerrilla Backpacker™ palette and protect your health by using Gamblin Gamsol™, the safest all-purpose artists' solvent on the market.

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