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The Big, Big Pet Portrait Show 2018

This summer, we’re filling our walls from front to back and side to side, and the Artisan Nook too, with your portraits of pets. As in pet iguanas, puppies, peeves, rocks — whoever/whatever your pet may be.Everyone is invited to participate!It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Get a 12×12 Gallery-profile canvas
  2. Create a pet portrait – real pet/imaginary pet (if you’re allergic to cats you might have a pet dragon, right?)
  3. Bring it in! Deliver it to The Paint Spot any time from March 30 to June 13.

As soon as you’ve finished your work, send us a picture. Include your info – your name + your artwork’s title, medium, & price. We’ll add you to our social media. The sooner we get your image the more we can promote you! Gallery Stretched Canvas and Gallery Birch Panels are on sale for this project. (While supplies last).Questions? Ask us @ 780.432.0240

The exhibition will run from June 14 – August 16, 2018! (It will be up for the Whyte Avenue Art Walk July 6-8!)

Big, Big Pet Portrait Show
June 14 – August 16
The Paint Spot, 10032 81 Avenue

Who’s your fur baby? The Big, Big Pet Portrait Show is an open invitation to you to capture your pet in paint – puppy, porpoise, or peeve (not all of them furry!) – and to display its portrait in the company of its peers. We’ve begun collecting and presenting the works that have been created for the show, and so far, no fights have erupted between the cats and the dogs, we are glad to report.

Seriously, it is very clear from the portraits we’ve already received that pets bring out a lot of love in their owners/artists. Some of the portraits on show are elegiac, some comedic, but all of them are warm-hearted responses to the animals depicted. Even the pet fish from the backyard pond is obviously respected by its owner. Try painting a pet portrait yourself and you’ll see that your pet’s personality, and your own, are as important as the painterly skills you bring to the work. So, whether you are a complete novice, an amateur, an accomplished professional, or anywhere along the skill spectrum you are welcome to participate.

The rules are simple: paint a pet portrait on a 12×12” gallery profile canvas or birch panel and bring it in to The Paint Spot. Anyone can participate, and there is no entry fee. You can offer your painting for sale or keep it forever yourself, or, as many participants are doing, create a portrait of someone else’s pet to give to them as a keepsake.

If you are paper-based artist, you can mount your work on a panel, so watercolourists, marker artists, and those who prefer to draw are equally invited to show their fur friends, too.

But wait! What if you are a sculptor? Sculpt a pet portrait and bring your sculpture in. We will be showing sculptures as well in the Artisan Nook, our small gallery space. There is already a wonderful bronze portrait of one artist’s dachshund, Ellie-Mae, in the show (we love to stroke its nose and ears).

Oksana Zhelisko, who frequently teaches portrait painting at the Paint Spot’s art studios, Artelier, points out that “portraits are not just a depiction, but also an interpretation. They are a combination of fact and subjectivity with your perspective as the guide.” And we have to add, everyone who has participated so far loves the inspiration the subject brings, and shows the results of their creative effort with pride.

Joining in this group exhibition has so many positive results. Committing to show your portrait is a great motivator, especially if you don’t always make as much art as you want to. It is rewarding and fun to share your expressive art and to see for yourself the terrific range of responses the theme evokes. If The Big, Big Pet Portrait Show leads to a desire to make more art, supplies are at your fingertips, with a 20% discount for the length of the show as an added incentive. And, if it leads to a desire to learn more, join on of the many art classes at Artelier, The Paint Spot’s Art Studios and Edmonton’s newest art hub.


If you recall our Big Big Portrait Show of 2016, then you know this will be a sight to see.



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