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Think Like An Elf Make It Yourself – Part One

Here is a curated list of how-to videos with step-by-step demonstrations for many different little gifts you can make. All supplies are available at our shop. Don’t get stressed out thinking you have to do it all. The best thing about the holidays is spending time with family and friends. Why not plan an ‘Art Party’ of your own? Remember its the thought that counts. Memories of time spent together is indeed priceless.

Guilders’ Paste Wax Ornaments

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on this product. Watch it turn a simple bit of cardboard into a lovely metallic, textured piece. This idea is great for school teachers as just one little metal tin of colour by Guilders’ Paste Wax will do 30 square feet!! That’s a lot of ornaments! Watch for a future video where we will show 10 more ways to use this new material.

Sculpting and Casting Mini Sculptural Forms

Create one little critter and duplicate it to make your own set of tree ornaments or game pieces. Every time I unwrap my own decorations, I instantly remember who made each item and what we were doing when I got it. It makes tree decorating a ritual I look forward to – a trip down memory lane once a year.  To order supplies for this project:  Composimold, Modeling Clay and Casting Material

Gelli Printing 

Multiple-layer printmaking is versatile and it does not get faster than Gelli Printing. There are so many uses for printed paper; nothing will go to waste (even mistakes!). Think of  cards, book art, calligraphy and decorative art. Order Gelli Plates Here. Any acrylic will do, experiment with what you have. But…..Golden Open Acrylics (especially the transparent colours) are needed to create the stunning colour-mixes seen in this video).

Gel Transfers  

This process is old-school but also an affordable way to transfer photocopy, photograph or magazine images onto a wood panel or canvas. Check out our little video below. We used a gallery thick birch panel because it can stand up by itself on a book shelf, end table or desk. Stevenson Acrylic Gel is our favourite for this process. Chiyogami and Saa Papers were glued to the edges.