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Whyte Avenue Art Walk July 8 – 10, 2016

The Whyte Avenue Art Walk  is an outdoor studio and gallery featuring hundreds of working artists. Its purpose is to provide affordable exposure for Fine Arts: to ensure the appreciation and understanding of visual arts as well as encourage the purchase of original art by local artists. It is produced and sponsored by The Paint Spot.


  • Are you brave enough to display your work and share your art-making process?
  • Do you meet the Guidelines?
  • Have your read the RulesTips and FAQ?


The Paint Spot
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Fee remain the same as last year for the tent areas. There has been no increase on the rest of Art Walk for the past three years. Please see the map below for a reference on fees. Locations are decided first come first serve on registration day. To avoid additional expenses in credit and debit processing fees we ask artists to bring cash on registration day. GST is extra.

AW20 Tents

What to expect on Registration Day 

Locations are assigned on a first come first serve bases by our team of experienced coordinators. Please no bribes. The Early Bird lottery will take place the end of April. We draw 150 names from last 2 years’ Art Walk participants. This means everyone has a 1 in 4 chance in registering before registration day. Please don’t worry. There are always great spots available even after registration day. Come in when you can after May 14. Registration Ends June 30, 2016

The waiting line early in the day is about 2 hours long but by mid-afternoon the line runs very quickly. We have information tables, store wide sales and encourage networking.                                                            

1. To register, artists must bring 1 – 2 images representing the subject matter, media and style to be exhibited. Please include photographs or printouts only (no slides, originals, disks, no other electronic images). We keep images on file for reference.

2. Once images are approved, take a number. To avoid line jumping, every form must have a number

3. Complete the application form (to be handed out on registration day), sign the waiver and attach your images.

4. Consult with the coordinator to select a block and figure out the fee. Locations are assigned by matching space available with size of display and on a first come first serve basis.

5. Next pay the registrar, get your official Art Walk number and membership discount card. Please bring cash. Banks charge processing fees for visa and credit.

Out of town (or out of country): Artist can register by email (or phone) starting Tuesday May 17, 2015.

Registration by proxy is not recommended: In rare situations, you may ask for a registration form to be sent for you. Contracts must be filled out completely, waivers signed, images attached It is subject to approval. We cannot guarantee spots.

Coming soon. 

NEW Youth Art Walk – June 19, 2016 (Father’s Day) This will be a curated art show of 12 young artists between the ages of 8 and 16. It will provide a one-day festival experience for both parents and youth. It is timed perfectly to take advantage of Backbeat School of Rock’s annual Block Party. There will be live music by young musician all day. Food vendors and other actives are also scheduled.

More murals for Old Strathcona Plans are underway for permanent murals in the alley behind The Paint Spot. Call for artists and submissions details are coming soon.

Volunteer Coordinator Needed We are also seeking volunteers and this year we have a short contract position available. Interested?

For all questions please contact Kim Fjordbotten
Phone 780 432 0240 or Toll Free 1800 363 0546